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Tribute to 10 CENT POETRY

"Chelsea is a creative genius, and her work is an echo of that fact."

Marcus Brownsongwriter/ host Make My Day podcast

"Intimate, funny, insightful but most importantly, honest." 

- Alex McWalters  writer/drummer, River Whyless

"LaBate (has an) inner voice, of resilience and sunny determination,

to live and work as an artist."

- Matt Peiken, Blue Ridge Public Radio

"Classy, straight forward, down to earth. Impressive talent." 

Spencer Scholessongwriter

"Inspiring creativity & determination."

Natalie Fox, wellness coach


"Chelsea’s creativity is fearless and without apology.

She makes the world a safer place for women to be artists."

Melissa Hymansongwriter

"I am consistently inspired by the way (Chelsea) lives her life -

fully engulfed in the beauty of art."

Caitlyn Krisko, songwriter

"Hard working. Dedicated. Inspirational."

Phil Cheney visual artist


"Will time make us heroes? Chelsea had me with this song.

Her beauty and brilliance inspires." 

Sofia Bartol fan


"Heart of gold! Pure creative energy."

Jess Jess Y’all songwriter

"One of my all-time favorite voices on my iPod."

Amy Tingle poet


"Chelsea lives the life of a creative so others can follow." 

Danny Sorensen, musician/metal sculptor


"Witty, heartfelt, endearing."

Stephie Goldfish writer


"Inspiring, soothing, and empowering."

Jenny Jean Moize crystal vendor


"Mesmerizing. Like swimming in an ocean."

Melanie Brethauer engineer


"A nuanced and articulate artist with a lot to say."

Marcos Lightning musician/graphic designer


"Thought provoking lyrics."

Brian Frysinger fan


"Magic maker."

Sara Sabourin fan


"Simply beautiful. Her presence precedes her."

Erin McAlister, glass maker


"Chelsea LaBate in an inspiring, motivated and gifted person.

People like her are what makes this world special."

Josh Phillips,  songwriter




"This is the Artist Way for songwriters.

Brilliant. Engaging. Life supporting."

BJ Leiderman, NPR


"Incredibly good show.

It simply doesn't get any better."

Davyne Dial, owner WPVM 


"NPR needs a fresh, female voice.

This series is medicine."

Jor Sutton, drummer


"Not every good artist is a a good teacher. Chelsea is both.

Chelsea tells stories to teach, but if you take the teaching elements out,

they are pure prose and beauty." 

Valorie Miller songwriter


"(Chelsea) is holding the torch for all of us who are on a career

path that doesn’t’ have a clear path."

Gina Caldwell violist, music educator

"Hysterically funny, informative, smart and fascinating.

A teacher for any creative."

Miranda Gray, egg tempera painter


"Solid, utilitarian, proven content.

Engaging, entertaining and delightful to listen to. "

Melvin Hersfield fan

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