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Cut paper illustration - Chelsea Lynn La Bate

Finding Your Tour $29.00

Join the Songcrafter community and find your road! This virtual workshop is the guide to taking your songs out on the road. Whether you are beginning or upping your tour game, this comical series is here to give you insights and inspiration from an artist who has self booked thousands of shows throughout the South East and Europe.


Finding Your Tour is designed to help you scale it down, relax while touring, save money on food, keep yourself safe and take your songs out internationally.

This workshop includes 

Audio mp3s : 

Engaging prose stories to inspire your tour

Authentic writing prompts?

Full length original songs by Ten Cent Poetry

PDF : Includes all stories and prompts

Access : To online Songcrafter community

"This is the Artist Way for songwriters. Brilliant. Engaging. Life supporting."- BJ Leiderman, NPR

"Hysterically funny, informative, smart and fascinating. A teacher for any creative."

Miranda Gray, egg tempera painter


"Solid, utilitarian, proven content. Engaging, entertaining and delightful to listen to. "

- Melvin Hersfield


"Incredibly good show. It simply doesn't get any better." - Davyne Dial, owner WPVM 


"NPR needs a fresh, female voice. This series is medicine." - Jor Sutton, drummer


"Not every good artist is a a good teacher. Chelsea is both. Chelsea tells stories to teach, but if you take the teaching elements out, they are pure prose and beauty." Valorie Miller songwriter


"(Chelsea) is holding the torch for all of us who are on a career path that doesn’t’ have a clear path."

- Gina Caldwell violist, music educator

How it works: Upon payment all materials will be received through your email, along with receipt and password for The Songcrafter's Lounge.

Bundle it!

4 course bundle - $99

8 courses bundle - $199

2 courses bundle - $329 

16 courses bundle - $429

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